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Commercial Equipment Leasing

Commercial equipment leasing law is a complex area. Ginkens Law Firm, in addition to its General Practice, provides general business legal services and advice to various Iowa leasing companies. It has and continues to represent leasing companies in Uniform Commercial Code matters and all manner of collections and trial work.

We can assist you with:

  • Review of lease documents, including but not limited to:
    • Acceptance of equipment
    • Equipment Lease Agreements
    • Personal Guarantees and Personal Guaranties
  • Collection actions against delinquent lessees
  • Trial preparation
  • Recovery efforts in the event of a successful settlement or judgement

Iowa Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Ginkens and McConnell in Commercial Equipment Leasing Case
On January 31, 2007 the Iowa Court of Appeals reversed the Iowa District Court of Polk County and concluded a finance lease involving C and J Leasing Corporation and Hendren Golf Management, Inc. was not unconscionable. Furthermore, the Court of Appeals held there was no agency relationship between C and J Leasing Corp. and Royal Links. The court held that C and J Leasing Corp.'s Equipment Lease Agreement is valid and its "hell or high water" clause is enforceable. Click here to read the full ruling of the successful commercial equipment leasing appeal by Des Moines attorneys Aaron Ginkens and Ed McConnell.

We have assisted clients with hundreds of commercial equipment leasing cases. If you require legal assistance in commercial equipment leasing matters, please contact us today!